So I’m out camping tonight. By myself. I was thinking today, as I was running around town getting ready to do this, how much confidence I have gained since I started this journey. How much more independent I feel. How much more I LIKE myself. And it’s a really awesome feeling. Tonight, when I pulled … More Confidence

Spring Fever

I totally have spring fever. I’m so tired of being cooped up inside. I miss my bike rides with Bug, and I miss my hiking out in Medora.  I have some goals for this summer. I’d like to do at least one–if not more–weekend hike on the Maah Daah Hey. I am learning that hiking … More Spring Fever


People read all kinds of books that discuss weight loss and wellness. I, myself, have definitely read my fair share.   One thing most of these books will say is that before any sort of change takes place, you should identify your goals. These books tell you to get specific about your goals. Don’t just … More Canyons

My Best Friend

So about a year ago I was browsing the online classifieds and I came across this ad. It was a “Puppies For Sale” ad. Usually I blow past those as quickly as possible but for some reason, this ad, on this day, made me pause.   Or maybe it was this face. I don’t know … More My Best Friend