So I’m out camping tonight. By myself. I was thinking today, as I was running around town getting ready to do this, how much confidence I have gained since I started this journey. How much more independent I feel. How much more I LIKE myself. And it’s a really awesome feeling. Tonight, when I pulled … More Confidence


Do you ever notice that we, as Americans, generally have the attention level of a gnat? We bounce around from fad to fad, always looking for the latest and greatest thing to occupy our lives. We constantly need more of this and more of that to feed the Stimulation Beast inside.  It’s American culture to … More Focus

The “D” Word

I had a horrible weigh-in yesterday. Like super bad. The scale said I was up about five pounds from the previous week. Which made me feel like crap. I could sit here and pretend that I don’t know why. You ever notice that a lot of people say they have “tried everything” to lose weight … More The “D” Word


I feel like going to the grocery store is like walking into a great, big minefield. One wrong move, and I’m going to blowup and undo any progress I’ve made with fat loss lately.  And I feel like, more often than not, I don’t escape the minefield successfully. We’ve all heard the “tips and tricks.” … More Minefields


I read a news article yesterday about a female bodybuilder who made some really cruel online comments about an overweight woman.  As bad as it is to make this kind of comment about ANYONE, what really gets my goat here is that this woman was at the gym, exercising, when this picture was snapped. So … More Shame

Mean Girls

So I had this weird dream a while back. I dreamed of this lady I know who has recently lost a lot of weight using this fad diet product. We were at some fair or something sitting on bleachers made of feather mattresses. And she was laughing at me–smugly–because she wasn’t making the feather mattress … More Mean Girls

Deserving It

A few weeks ago I had this week where I worked super hard. I was extremely careful about what I ate and I worked out every day–some days twice. That week I lost ten pounds.  Last week I only lost around a pound or so. A few days ago I bought some of those Easter … More Deserving It