The “D” Word

I had a horrible weigh-in yesterday. Like super bad. The scale said I was up about five pounds from the previous week. Which made me feel like crap. I could sit here and pretend that I don’t know why. You ever notice that a lot of people say they have “tried everything” to lose weight … More The “D” Word

The DietBet

So a while back I heard about this app where you could make money by losing weight. DietBet allows you to join a “game” of losing a certain percentage of your body weight in a certain amount of time.  You ante up your “bet” and then if you meet the goal weight within the timeframe … More The DietBet

Deserving It

A few weeks ago I had this week where I worked super hard. I was extremely careful about what I ate and I worked out every day–some days twice. That week I lost ten pounds.  Last week I only lost around a pound or so. A few days ago I bought some of those Easter … More Deserving It

No Quit

Have you ever noticed that all the “experts” advocate finding some sort of exercise or work-out routine that’s “fun” to do, claiming that you are more likely to stick with it if it’s something that you enjoy? Sometimes I want to strangle those experts. Because, really, how is sweating fun? How is that feeling, where … More No Quit


People read all kinds of books that discuss weight loss and wellness. I, myself, have definitely read my fair share.   One thing most of these books will say is that before any sort of change takes place, you should identify your goals. These books tell you to get specific about your goals. Don’t just … More Canyons


So here’s the deal. We all want to lose all the weight we’ve packed on as quickly as possible, right? I mean, that’s obviously the most appealing option. Get major results, and get them fast! Who wouldn’t want that? I can’t even begin to say how many times I’ve wished there was a magic pill … More Time