The Sugar Monster Attacks

So the good news is I’m at the point where it really doesn’t take much effort to see results. But the bad news is that it takes a huge amount of effort to see results because my brain does NOT like the no junk food rule. It’s screaming about it a lot actually.

I keep telling myself to keep making good choices. It will get easier.

I was up soooo early Saturday morning of last week to drive to Billings, and I seriously needed caffeine. I was very tempted to get a diet Mountain Dew. Or 3. But I knew that would be a monumental mistake, and I thought about how I’d be starting my “no pop” timeline from square one if I did that.

So I bought a diet monster energy drink instead. 2 of them actually.

They were ok, and they woke me up, but it wasn’t like pop. I didn’t feel an overwhelming urge to keep drinking monster energy drinks or anything.

Which was a little relieving. That tells me that my “pop” craving really had nothing to do with caffeine. Once I got over those withdrawals, caffeine really doesn’t matter to my body (except maybe in rare incidents like Saturday morning where I didn’t want to fall asleep while driving). 

I think I must crave pop because of all the other junk in it. I drank diet pop…so obviously it’s the fake sugar I’m addicted to. And as much caffeine as those monster energy drinks shot into my veins, it seems like it didn’t trigger the fake sugar monster for me to the extent that diet pop did. So what’s up with that? Why is pop so evil? I have heard that diet is worse than the real deal which seems crazy considering how much sugar is in real pop…but I think there must be something to that.

Or is it that I’ve just learned to cope without pop? I didn’t drink it very often at home but would down it like crazy at work. I always thought it was to “stay awake” but maybe that was my excuse. Maybe pop was really my little crutch to deal with the stress of work WHILE at work.

So what did I replace pop with? Ice water and a whole lot of nothing else. I will have a Powerade occasionally. Or like Saturday, I felt like the Monster drink wasn’t going to derail me. But the way I was craving pop told me that six months later I’m not even close to being ready to have it again while staying in control.

I have a feeling junk food will be the same damn thing.

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