Spring Fever

I totally have spring fever. I’m so tired of being cooped up inside. I miss my bike rides with Bug, and I miss my hiking out in Medora. 

I have some goals for this summer. I’d like to do at least one–if not more–weekend hike on the Maah Daah Hey. I am learning that hiking is such a great form of exercise, and it’s one that I really enjoy. Beautiful scenery. The ability to go at my own pace. Relative solitude and peace.

I dabbled a little bit last fall with longer hikes but I have never attempted a solitary weekend, just me and Bug. That requires a little more planning and equipment. So I have started preparing for that. I’m sort of amazed at how much some of this stuff costs. 

Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job and travel the country in an RV. Or do a long through-hike like the PCT. Since I enjoy being able to pay my bills, I don’t forsee that happening anytime soon.

But I can still do some adventures. I can keep getting fitter and fitter and see the things I want to see by foot. On weekends. And vacations. 

I have set a goal for myself to lose 20 pounds. Obviously I want to lose more than that overall, but that’s a benchmark number for me right now. When I hit that 20 pounds I’m going to reward myself with the hiking pack I have been eyeballing.

I think it’s important to set goals for yourself and maybe even more important to reward those goals. I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels for so long on this journey, taking two steps forward and one step back that this goal/reward is especially crucial. I need to set a small, reasonable, easily achievable goal for myself (like 20 pounds) and then a big reward for when I hit that goal. And then I immediately need to repeat this. 

So that’s the plan. Still doing DietBet too, but this reward system for myself is just a little bit of extra incentive!

What kinds of rewards could you line up for yourself to help you achieve your goals?

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. I also have a dream to ‘van dwell’ or live in a RV full time and travel across the country. But like you, I want to be current on bills and other monetary obligations, so I need to work for now and delay the realization of that dream. I like your backpack idea !! Wishing you the best !!


    1. Thanks Dave! I don’t know if I could live in just a van…I’d need to be able to stand up in my place or I’d get claustrophobic but yeah, like you maybe that’s something I can have in retirement! Lol! Thanks for your encouragement!

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