The DietBet

So a while back I heard about this app where you could make money by losing weight. DietBet allows you to join a “game” of losing a certain percentage of your body weight in a certain amount of time.  You ante up your “bet” and then if you meet the goal weight within the timeframe you “win.” Not only do you get your ante back, but you split the antes of the people who “lost” with all the other winners. I believe you can join as many games as you like. There’s also a sister site called StepBet that runs the same schtick, just with walking.

Anyway, this caught my interest a few months ago but frankly, I was skeptical. Not of the sites or the games themselves–I knew those were legit. 

I was skeptical of myself. If I bet money on myself, would I lose the weight? I wasn’t sure.

Not because I’m not capable of losing the weight. But I wasn’t sure I had the right attitude. I wasn’t sure I was willing to work that hard, especially when it comes to food. 

I’ve been dragging my feet in the food department since I started all of this. Every single thing I’ve “given up” has been like an epic battle to pry the food away from my cold, dead fingers. Except, I’m not dead. I’m very much alive. And my brain tells me I don’t want to have to live without some of this food.

You should have seen the fit my brain threw when I gave up pop cold-turkey in October. It was seriously ugly. But that first day turned into two, and those two days turned into two weeks, and today it’s been almost 5 1/2 months with zero pop for me. 

Which feels unbelievable and amazing. And it proves I have the willpower to be consistent.

See, I’ve been totally lacking consistency when it comes to food, and that’s why the scale has been yo-yoing with a VERY gradual downward trend. I could be doing so much better at this than I currently am if I would just get consistent.

The other day my trainer, Joe, mentioned that he’s going to be holding a similar competition between his clients who have weight-loss goals with the “prize” being a free session to the client who has lost the largest percentage that week.  This is extremely generous and, really motivating. And it reminded me of this DietBet that I had totally written off.

Maybe it’s time for me to put up or shut up here. Maybe it’s time to finally get consistent with what I’m doing.

So I’m going to accept the challenge and take on DietBet.

And I’ve always been the type to go big or go home, so my first ante is $100 to lose 4% of my bodyweight in 28 days. My first official weigh in for this was this morning. If I don’t lose 4% of my body weight (12 pounds for me) in the next 28 days I am out $100.

And I really don’t want to be out $100.

In fact, I’m hoping to MAKE money doing this. But even if I don’t–even if I only “break even” in the cash department–I’ll still be smaller than when I started, and that is an undeniable win!

I’d love to have you join me on this! It’s always easier to do this stuff with support from others, but even if you don’t, stay tuned because I’m pretty sure this DietBet, and the whole consitency-thing that I’m going to have to master in the process here, is going to be a wild ride.

So buckle up, Buttercup.

One thought on “The DietBet

  1. I am praying for you to make this goal. Steve is currently in a bet with a co-worker to lose weight by Easter. The one who loses the most weight gets a dollar for every pound greater than the loser. I am excited to see how this motivates you. For Steve, it is very motivating! He won’t eat sweets and drinks very little beer!! Have a blessed week! Hugs to you.


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